Navigating wild waters

Creation is amazing and joyful. At the same time, there can be many challenges along the way. Challenges that put pressure on the joy and the infinite spaciousness that life is. The pressure, when succumbing to it, narrows the perception and experience of possibilities. It lowers the vibration when you give up temporarily. Holding the frequency, holding the space during times of pressure is a skill we must learn to keep living on a higher, more powerful, potent and loving vibration. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and it may require many times to revisit the same or a similar challenge before one can finally overcome it and step into the next level of one’s life. 

You’re certainly not doomed when you give in. It just means that it requires some more time to regain strength and find that feeling of who you are again. This can be a disappointment. Don’t give up. You’ll regenerate naturally and the feelings of joy and excitement will come back, sooner or later. 

Navigating wild waters becomes easier when you can keep the overview. So that the challenges don’t block the vision and you can more easily hold the pressure that is coming for you. Literally it may require to hold tight. Tightening the muscles and keep feeling the core of who you are. This is how the higher vibration finds a firm foundation in your being. During those times, life may not seem so amazing and joyful. It can feel pretty awful and tense. Hold tight and keep the overview of the feeling and the bigger picture of what you’re doing and where you’re heading. Whether you know exactly how that looks like or not. 

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