I’m here, like you, to create a world of joy. A world that’s in an expression of our source connection. Life becomes this beautiful experience when we start to see and act upon our clarity and desires.

It was in 2015, when I created my first public events; Vrij met Geld and What’s alive, here and now. In 2017, I wrote a book called: Co-creative universe, which is a guidebook to creating a world that is in alignment with our authentic energy.

I also worked as a consultant for Hay Group and I was involved into several other projects such as Synergy Hub in Rotterdam. It was during my studies of economics and business that I discovered the concept of flow, which by the time was a first formal recognition of something I had already experienced in my life and how natural creation works. This concept, with that of inner creation (or intrinsic motivation) resonated with me back then and started to remain as one of the elements I looked for during my life and work.

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